The Natural Angler's Cabin
         217 FM-2031 (Beach Rd.), Matagorda TX 77457          
       "The Last House on the River - the First to the Beach"         
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions by our previous guests that you may find helpful:

1.  What do I need to do to make a reservation on your vacation rental?

      Answer:  Check for availability by clicking on our calendar icon located on the Home Page section.  If it is open, you can email or call us. To hold your date(s), we must receive a $250 deposit within 7 days of confirmation of availability. You can send a check payable to "Natural Angler" along with the signed and dated "Rental Agreement" located at bottom of Home Page.  Mailing address is listed on "Rental Agreement". Alternatively, you can use your credit card through PayPal by clicking on the Visa button located at bottom of Home Page (refer to question 2 on how to use).  In addition, email us that you have read the "Rental Agreement".  Rent is due before check-in time, preferably 7 days prior.  

2.  How do I use PayPal if I don't have an account?

     Answer:  If you don't have an account, you can set up one by clicking on the Visa button at bottom of Home Page and follow instructions.  It is free and there is no transaction fee.  I will refund your deposit via Paypal if your payment was by credit card.  You can set up a link with your bank account to your Paypal account and it is also free.

3.  How do I gain entry to your vacation rental house on date of arrival? 

       Answer:  Upon receipt of rental payment, I will email or send you by mail a 4 digit pass code to the lockbox along with the pertinent information about the house.

4.  What if on the days of my reservation, there is a threat of a hurricane?  Am I eligible for a refund?

      Answer:  Yes! We definitely don't want you to "ride it out".  

5.  What if I have to cancel my vacation due to heavy rain and flooding?

      Answer:  We will let you re-schedule at a later date.  If you still require a refund, there is a $100 penalty fee.

6.  What is your pet policy?

      Answer:  We understand that many renters are responsible pet owners and would like to take their pet(s) along.  We had allowed it in the past.  However, due to recent upgrades and the popularity of our river house, it is no longer necessary for us to allow pets.  We are sorry for this inconvenience.

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